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Small Business Grants

The City of Subiaco has introduced a program that provides Small Business Grants of up to $5000 for eligible local businesses. Applications for the first round of funding closed on Monday 3 December 2018.

The second grant round is scheduled to open in March 2019. Please subscribe to the City of Subiaco's Business e-Newsletter to stay informed.

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All applications must be accompanied with a costed project plan. You can get project templates and business planning tools at Your plan should include:

  1. A brief description of your current business.
    • An explanation of what the grant will be used for.
    • Financial details relating to the grant, ie. full project costings, other expenditure.
    • How you intend to measure the success of the activity or project: how will it benefit you?
    • How does your grant align with the Guiding Principles of the Small Business Grants program: how will it benefit the community?
  2. Your business must have a lease or occupancy agreement covering at least 12 months from the date of your Small Grant application.
  3. Grant funds cannot be used for normal operational costs (e.g. salaries, rent, utilities).
  4. My business project will not jeopardise public safety or damage the environment. 
  5. My business has the appropriate insurances, permits and licenses by relevant authorities to undertake the activity or operate the equipment funded by this business project.
  6. If successful, my business will use the grant money before 21 June 2019.
  7. Grants will be provided as reimbursement for spending after approval of a Small Business Grant application by the City of Subiaco (not in advance).
  8. If successful, my business will participate in media opportunities relating to the City of Subiaco Small Business Grants program.


  • Applications for the first round of Small Business Grants closed 3 December 2018.
  • The second round is scheduled to open in March 2019.


In 2018, the City of Subiaco introduced a Small Business Grants program as part of its Economic Development Strategy. Economic Development isn’t just about money. It’s about what type of communities we want to live in, and how to make them economically robust and adaptable.
This is why the Small Business Grants are designed to support activities that:

  • help businesses grow and develop
  • provide a community benefit.

Ideally, the City of Subiaco will help your business do both, with small business grants of up to $5000 available. The key documents that the Small Business Grant program relates to are the Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 and the Economic Development Strategy 2017-2021.

Grants that are aligned with the desired outcomes stated in these documents will be viewed favourably, but a simple rule of thumb is that your grant should support an activity that:
(a) is innovative (or new to Subiaco),
(b) economically sustainable
(c) increases City visitation or diversity
(d) offers a public benefit

Project goals

The City of Subiaco Small Business Grants program seeks to achieve outcomes:

  1. Resulting in the expansion of current business.
  2. Contributing to business diversity. 
  3. Contributing to innovation and creativity.
  4. Contributing to the after-hours economy.
  5. Providing information to the broader community about Subiaco.
  6. Establishing a business in the City of Subiaco.
  7. Providing long term benefits for the business and the City of Subiaco.

Supported businesses

All applicants must meet the criteria for a small business as defined by the Australian Tax Office. The City divides businesses up into two main groups:
Population Driven Industries

These businesses exist to serve local population centres and visitors from other regions. The health of these businesses depends on the size and spending habits of the population in their catchment areas. The current round of grants will focus on retail; hospitality and unique retailers; and health and beauty businesses.
Strategic Driven Employment Industries

These businesses provide export products or specialist services, particularly to other businesses and supply chains outside the region in which they operate. These businesses can operate at any level, including globally, and the resulting employment brings revenue from outside the region into the local economy. The current round of grants will focus of knowledge based industries and creative industries.