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Business recycling and waste

nullThe city offers a weekly waste and fortnightly recycling collection service for businesses. Items that cannot be reused, recycled or composted should go into your general waste bin. To find out your when your collection service is scheduled, visit the find my bin day webpage.

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Bin tips 

  • Place your bin out by 6am on your collection day
  • bins must not weigh more than 70 kilograms
  • Bin lids must be closed
  • Contents must be free falling
  • Ensure bins are not obstructed
  • Wrap moist/perishable foods in newspaper
  • Freeze smelly food before placing it in your bin
  • Return bins to your property after collection on the day
  • Clean the bins regularly to avoid odours and vermin issues

A list of what to place in each coloured bin can be found in the A-Z disposal guide.

To access the Health Act 1911 – City of Subiaco Health Local Laws 1999, visit our Local Laws and Policies page click on the corresponding link and read points 40 to 85 (pages 24 to 41).

Commercial waste bins

The standard commercial service is a 240-litre general waste bin ($529.00 per annum). Additional bin services are available at $581.90 for each extra 240-litre bin. To request additional waste bins or waste collection services, the property owner, or legally appointed managing agent must send a written request to the city.

Handy tip

To avoid odours and attracting flies and vermin, food-related businesses are encouraged to have a minimum number of bins and have them emptied multiple times per week.

Commercial recycling bins

The City of Subiaco promotes sustainability by encouraging businesses to reuse, reduce and recycle waste. Recycling collection services are fortnightly on the same day as your regular bin service. Click here to find out your recycling week. Businesses may request additional 240-litre recycling bins at no extra cost.

Cardboard collection

The city supplies businesses with cardboard collection sacks that are collected weekly on Friday mornings. Collection sacks must contain clean, flattened cardboard and should not be too heavy to avoid handling difficulties. Sacks supplied with a frame must be removed from the frame. Orange stickers will be left on contaminated bins/sacks and repeat incidents will lead to the service being withdrawn.

To arrange delivery of a frame and sacks, call the waste department on 9387 0921.

Damaged bins

Report your damaged waste or recycling bin to the city for repair or replacement by filling out the online request form

For further recycling options and to find out the location and opening hours of the waste transfer station please visit the Western Metropolitan Regional Council website.