City of Subiaco - Winter grants program
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Winter experience grants program

The winter experience grants are intended to help food and beverage, retail, arts and recreation and tourism-based businesses get back to business. Eligible businesses will receive $500 for projects that enhance the winter experience in Subiaco. The grants are part of the See Subiaco Roam Subiaco this winter campaign.

Get your grant application in before midnight on Sunday 9 August.

What kind of projects will be funded?

To be eligible, your project must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • attract customers to food and beverage, retail, arts, recreation and tourism-based businesses in the City of Subiaco this winter
  • showcase Subiaco is open for business
  • improve the streetscape through outdoor improvements
  • increase footfall in the town centre.

For more information about what projects can be funded, read these frequently asked questions.

Guidelines for your winter project

Before applying, read the winter experience grant information sheet

  • Your project must be an item, service or experience that enhances the winter dining experience and attracts customers to the town centre. This could include winter events, activations or unique experiences; or outdoor seating, heating, shelter and decorative lighting.
  • Your project must be completed within six weeks of receiving your grant money.  
  • Projects that require planning, compliance or regulatory approvals must seek guidance from the City before applying.
  • When you apply, please submit an invoice for $500 addressed to the City of Subiaco.

Is my business eligible? 

Ready to apply? Check that you meet the eligibility criteria below. 

  • I am the owner of a customer-facing, food and beverage, retail, arts and recreation or tourism-based business operating in Subiaco
  • My business is open and operating through winter 2020 (June onwards)
  • I will complete my winter grant project and acquit the grant within six weeks of receiving monies
  • My project meets the project guidelines and program goals
  • I will participate in the See Subiaco winter marketing campaign

Grant application form

Applicant details

Tell us about your winter project

Your business account information (to allow the City to pay funds)

Attach an invoice addressed to the City of Subiaco for up to $500 (inc GST)
e.g. Letterhead with a signature of an authorised person, or the top section of the bank statement