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Public buildings

Public buildings are regulated under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 and consequently the Health (Public Building) Regulations 1992. A public building is defined as:

a building or place or part of a building or place where persons may assemble for:

(i) civic, theatrical, social, political or religious purposes;
(ii) educational purposes;
(iii) entertainment, recreational or sporting purposes; and
(iv) business purposes; and

any building, structure, tent, gallery, enclosure, platform or other place in or on which a number of persons are usually or occasionally assembled.

Common public buildings include small bars, nightclubs, community centres, recreational centres, stadiums, and cinemas. To apply for a Public Building Certificate of Approval, please submit the following items to the City:

A Form 5 – Certificate of Electrical Compliance (PDF, 66KB) must be provided after an inspection of the public building by an authorised officer. All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged by a licenced electrician, whom is required to complete and sign the form.

For more information regarding submitting an application for a public building, please contact the City’s Environmental Health Services on 9237 9222.