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Registering a food business

If you intend to sell or handle food, it must be registered as a food business in the City of Subiaco (some exceptions apply). Before submitting your registration to the City, please ensure you have all the necessary planning and building approvals.

For food business registration, refer to the schedule of fees and charges


To register your food business, please provide the following:

For further information, please email the Environmental Health Team or call 9237 9222.

Buying an existing food business

If you are purchasing an existing food business within the City of Subiaco, you are required to notify us. Please complete the food business registration and notification form (above) to advise of any changes to the menu and operators.

Once this form is received, you will be issued with a certificate of registration which needs to be displayed in the food premises.

For settlement enquiries on an existing food business, please complete the application for property enquiry Inspection form (PDF, 193KB). Please note, the existing proprietor must submit a food business cancellation form (PDF, 46KB) upon closing the business or prior to settlement.

Outdoor dining decks and permits

Outdoor dining can provide additional seating and alternative alfresco options for your business and helps to promote a vibrant street life. To obtain a street trading permit and permission to construct an outdoor dining deck, visit the outdoor dining decks and permits page.

Exempted food businesses

The Food Act 2008 provides for certain types of food businesses to be exempt from the requirements of registration. While exempted food businesses are not subject to the same registration requirements, they must still notify the City of their intention to operate and provide the City with the following:

  • a completed food business notification and registration form (above)
  • payment of a one-off notification fee. Exempted food businesses are not required to pay the annual fees associated with registered food businesses. Please refer to the schedule of fees (above).

Temporary food stalls

To obtain approval for a temporary food stall you are required to notify the City by completing the temporary food business notification/registration form (PDF, 176KB).

All temporary food stalls must conform with standards set out in the Food Act 2008 (PDF, 404KB) and the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

For further information, please email the Environmental Health Team or call 9237 9222.

Home-produced food

In order to prepare, pack, store, handle, serve or supply food from home for sale to the public you must obtain a licence through the City of Subiaco. To apply, you must make a written submission outlining your proposal. Depending on your circumstances, you may also require town planning approval from the City to produce foods at home. 

Home-produced food must comply with the health standards set out for residential kitchens, and all home-produced food products must be labelled correctly. For information about health standards, food labelling and compliance for home-produced foods, refer to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website, the Food Act 2008 or contact the City on (08) 9237 9222. 

Food safety resources

Free online food handling training

The City of Subiaco takes food hygiene seriously, and believes good food hygiene starts with educated food handlers. To assist food businesses in meeting their obligations the City provides free access to an online training tool called FoodSafe.

The program is easy to follow and includes entertaining presentations, as well as interactive quizzes. Upon completion of the program, a training acknowledgement form can be printed.

For further information on this training, please email the Environmental Health team.

Free allergy awareness resources

The City of Subiaco has created a collection of resources to assist food businesses become more allergy aware, and to meet their obligations under the Food Act 2008 and the Food Standards Code. These resources are:

The City encourages all food businesses to download and implement these resources.