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Advertising and signage

This page provides information about approvals required from the city for the use of advertising signage associated with commercial activities.

Please note that with the exception of bus shelter signage and Public Authority signage, no signs are to be placed or constructed within road reserves or public spaces within the city.

Exempt advertising signs

The following signs generally do not require development approval, provided they meet the stated requirements within the Local Planning Policy 2.18 – Advertising Signs Policy (PDF, 1.1MB):

  • construction site sign
  • flag sign
  • portable sign
  • plaques or plates
  • property sale or lease sign
  • under verandah sign
  • wall sign
  • window sign.

Advertising signs that require approval

The following signs generally do require prior development approval from the city:

  • above roof sign
  • above verandah sign
  • balloon or blimp sign
  • hoarding sign
  • panel sign
  • projecting sign
  • pylon sign
  • roof sign
  • third party signs.

Please note that all signage requires approval for properties included on the Heritage List or within heritage areas, including the Rokeby Road and Hay Street Conservation Area. 

For further information, please contact the city's Planning Services team on (08) 9237 9222 or email

How to lodge an application

Should development approval be required for the sign to be placed or constructed, more information and application forms and fees can be found on the Lodging a development application page.

Please note that a building permit may also be required. For further information please visit the Building and Renovating page or contact the city's Building Services team on (08) 9237 9222.