City of Subiaco - Museum collection
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Museum collection

There are more than 12,000 items in the museum collection. About 5 per cent are on display at any one time, with the remainder in storage.

The collection

The museum's collection comprises donations from residents and former residents of Subiaco, as well as acquisitions by the City. 

Items in storage may be viewed by the public upon request. Item retrieval can take up to ten working days.


The collection includes photographs dating from the 1890s to the present. The images are all closely related to the City of Subiaco. Photographs may be reproduced, subject to copyright conditions and a service charge.  


The museum looks after more than 5000 objects, including tools, clothing, household items, books, furniture and musical instruments.


Of particular interest are the 1500 documents including diaries, certificates, programs, menus, posters, maps and plans.

Oral histories

Over 150 local area residents and personalities have recorded their 'story'. Transcripts are available for most recordings.


The Museum holds a collection of contemporary and historical artwork, including works by artist, Shaun Tan.

Donations to the collection

Through the museum, the city seeks to collect, preserve, research, document, store and/or display items that pertain to the natural and human history of the Subiaco area from the earliest times to the present.

If you think you have a photograph or an artefact that is significant in representing Subiaco’s rich history, please contact the museum on (08) 9237 9351 or email to discuss your potential donation. Donations will not be accepted without prior authorisation from the Coordinator Museum Services. 

Donations that meet all of the following criteria may be accepted:

  • the item is relevant to and consistent with the museum’s purpose of representing the natural and human history of the Subiaco area
  • the item is in a condition that contributes to the purpose of the museum
  • the museum has adequate resources to preserve, research, document, store, display and interpret the item
  • the item is not already represented in the museum’s collection
  • the item has a legal and ethical provenance

If your donation is approved by the Subiaco Museum, it must be accompanied by a donor acknowledgement form giving full and unencumbered ownership to the museum, without restrictions on the use or future disposition of the item.