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Art and Business

Art and Business was a collaboration between the City of Subiaco, artCollective WA and nine local businesses, showcasing the work of local artists in laneways, shop windows and other locations around the Subiaco Town Centre.

The partnership benefited both the artists and businesses involved, with artists enjoying exposure and new sites to display their work, and businesses able to bring unique, creative aspects to their surrounds for customers to enjoy.  The temporary nature of some projects allowed for exciting experimental artworks.  Detailed below is a selection of works that remain on view.

The artists and their artworks

Blue Highway, Helen Smith

About the artwork
Works in the Blue Highway series reference the sans-serif font Blue Highway designed by Ray Larabie, which was inspired by 20th century North American road signs. The shape used is basically the letter ‘O’ placed on its side. This form infiltrates the urban landscape, extending to the very edge of the space it occupies. Notions of scale are subverted by using a font that systematically appears on iphones and multimedia.

About the artist
Smith’s practice is influenced by a formal minimalist view-point, with simplicity of form and geometric abstraction contributing to the outcome. 

Interior, Joanna Lamb

About the artwork
Interior imagines the Subiaco streetscape as a domestic interior,with artworks representing domestic snapshots strategically placed within this environment to evoke sentiments of the home. 

About the artist
Lamb’s practice is an ongoing exploration of urbanity and suburbanity and represents images that deal with everyday experiences and situations using a reductivist aesthetic with compositions abstracted to their most readable form. Blurring the boundaries between domestic and commercial, and interior and exterior, Lamb’s works are intended to be slightly playful, with images becoming suggestive of a place rather than specific to it.

Mobius, Eveline Kotai

About the artwork
This work is about the Mobius strip which is a surface with only one side and one boundary, discovered by a German mathematician in 1858. An example of a Mobius strip can be created by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist, and then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop.

About the artist
Kotai has been exhibiting regularly for thirty years, and she continues to produce unexpected combinations of colour, pattern and texture. Technical mastery and a deep sense of subject have produced strong, distinctive studies.

Richard Prince likes this on Instagram, Anthony Muia 

About the artwork
Richard Prince likes this on Instagram captures people in moments of indiscretion, intimacy, reverie and tension. His work represents a world of unnamed narratives and nonsense-places, with extremely credible characters. When compelled, Anthony suggests the theme of the ‘human predicament’ as a key element of his work.

About the artist
The role of artistic invention in helping people develop their identity drives Anthony Muia. For more than twenty years, he has used a distinct style of lopsided, linear irregularity, in work exclusive with human figures. Unlike the perfect ratios in other works, Anthony champions imperfections, producing image after image of unusual bodies caught in trying, vulnerable moments.  

Starry Night, Penny Bovell

About the artwork
The sky is a space for imaginative possibilities, it is something and nothing, and we are immersed in it and it is within us. Starry Night, like most of Bovell’s work explores ideas about air, sky and space as the immaterial, often abstract and invisible elements that contrast the solidity of earth. Diffusion, rainfall, flow and the removal of pigment and medium result in a myriad of shapes reminiscent of puffs of smoke, floating clouds, wind or the explosion of stars.

About the artist
In the past, Bovell’s work has focussed on clouds, air, weather and climate change. However, she is currently exploring ways to express understandings of the universe and being in the world. Bovell’s work primarily focusses on the appearance and resemblance of of aerial subjects.

Thank you to the following business for their support:

  • Bistro Felix
  • Dallimores Homewares 
  • Kevin Jackson Inverness Pty Ltd
  • Evelyn Kannis
  • Picnic
  • Stride Shoes
  • Smales Jewellers
  • Telstra
  • Western Power

Are you interested?

If you are a business interested in getting involved in future art projects, we’d love to hear from you! Contact or 9237 9222.