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Town Planning Controls and Policies

Town Planning Scheme No. 4

All local governments in Western Australia are required to maintain a local planning scheme. A local planning scheme provides the statutory guidance for development including development provisions, permitted uses and compliance matters. 

The City of Subiaco gazetted Town Planning Scheme No. 4 (TPS4) in March 2001. A number of amendment to the scheme have been made since then; for more information on recent scheme amendments visit the Amendments to Town Planning Scheme No. 4 page.

The Deemed Provisions within the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 automatically applies to all local planning schemes as of 19 October 2015. Many Deemed Provisions replace or over-ride the requirements of TPS4. The version of TPS4 below has been annotated with notes to refer to sections that have been replaced or altered by the Deemed Provisions.

The scheme text and map are also available on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website here.

Residential Design Codes

State Planning Policy 7 - Design of the Built Environment and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) are state government documents which set out the controls for residential development for the whole of Western Australia. The R-Codes are read in conjunction with TPS4 and the city's Local Planning Policies.

Local Planning Policies

Town Planning Scheme No. 4 allows the council to adopt planning policies that guide both residential and non-residential development. Planning policies are designed to ensure a high quality of development is maintained through consistent decision making and the processing of development applications in a fair and equitable manner.

1.0 Planning Procedures

1.2 Refunding and Waiving Planning Fees (PDF, 24KB)
1.4 Public Consultation For Planning Proposals (PDF, 88KB)
1.5 Applications for Review of Town Planning Decisions and Written Directions (PDF, 32KB)
1.6 Planning Compliance (PDF, 164KB)
1.7 Amendment and Extension to the Term of Development Approval (PDF, 20KB)
1.8 Development Approval Exemptions (PDF, 52KB)

2.0 General Planning Policies

2.3 Subdivision (PDF, 83KB)
2.11 Child Day Care Centres (PDF, 20KB)
2.13 Shortfall Cash Payments In Lieu Of Car Parking In The Town Centre And Commercial/Residential Zones (PDF, 21KB)
2.14 End of Trip Facilities (PDF, 27KB)
2.18 Advertisements (Signs) (PDF, 1MB)
2.27 Ancillary Dwellings - Considerations When Assessing Against the Design Principles of the Codes (PDF, 52KB)
2.28 Land Use in the Town Centre Zone and the Town Centre Development Zone (PDF, 232KB)
        Explanatory information for applicants - Local Planning Policy 2.28 (PDF, 74KB)

3.0 Conservation and Heritage

3.1 Additions and Amendments to the Local Government Inventory for Subiaco and the Scheme Register of Places of Cultural Heritage Significance (PDF, 1033KB)
3.3 Heritage Incentives (PDF, 307KB)
3.5 Assessment of Cultural Heritage Significance (PDF, 380KB)
3.6 Development Guidelines for Residential Heritage Areas (PDF, 293KB)
3.7 Kershaw Street Heritage Area (PDF, 455 KB)
3.8 Development Guidelines for the Rokeby Road and Hay Street Heritage Area (PDF, 100KB)
3.9 Union and Redfern Heritage Area (PDF, 482KB)
3.10 Chesters' Subdivision Heritage Area (PDF, 382KB)
3.11 Duke Street Heritage Area (PDF, 345KB)
3.12 Development Guidelines for Places Included on the Heritage List (PDF, 430KB)
3.13 Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area (PDF, 290KB)
3.15 Sadlier and Redfern Street Heritage Area (PDF, 448KB)
3.16 Kings Road Heritage Area (PDF, 288KB)
3.17 Salisbury and Rupert Street Heritage Area (PDF, 397KB)

4.0 Precinct Policies

4.1 Jolimont Precinct (PDF, 428KB)
4.2 Daglish Precinct (PDF, 84KB)
4.8 Triangle Precinct (PDF, 75KB)
4.9 West Subiaco Precinct (PDF, 439KB)
4.10 Shenton Park Precinct (PDF, 83KB)

Note: For development controls relating to former City of Subiaco properties transfered via the City of Perth Act 2016, refer to the City of Perth website.

Planning Instruments

For more information on the above planning instruments please refer to the Strategic land use and transport planning page.

Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme

The majority of development in the City of Subiaco is guided by the town planning scheme whilst portions of the northern and eastern boundaries of the city are guided by the Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2, under the control of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) (now called DevelopmentWA).

For information regarding development matters related to the Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme, visit the MRA website.