City of Subiaco - Power and lighting
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Power and lighting

This page contains information on streetlights, reporting of faulty streetlights and underground power in the City of Subiaco


The provision of street lighting is an important community service undertaken by the city and Western Power.

Subiaco streetlights are recognisably decorative and mounted on coloured (powder-coated) metal poles with light fittings designed to fit in with the unique ambience of our city. The remainder of lighting poles within the city are owned and maintained by Western Power and are typically mounted on plain galvanized metal poles or on the older style wooden poles. Faults with Western Power lights should be reported directly to Western Power on 1800 622 008 or follow the link below.

A streetlight inspection and maintenance program (PDF, 718KB) is in place to best service and identify faulty streetlights within the city. The city, residents and business owners work collectively keeping a watchful eye out  and reporting street lights that are not working. If you notice that a street light has been damaged or needs a new bulb, there are two ways you can report the fault:

If you require further information on street lights and public lighting, please contact the city.

Underground power

Project history

March 2015 marked the completion of underground power in the City of Subiaco.

The city started the process in 1982 under then Town Clerk Jim McGeough, first in Rowland Street, Subiaco, and then a few streets at a time, financing the works from general revenue. When the State Underground Power Program commenced in 1996, the city was successful in several rounds of funding, which saw the conversion jointly funded by the state government.

The final stage in Shenton Park (February 2014 to March 2015) was paid for entirely by the City of Subiaco, at an approximate cost of $6.7 million. 

The City of Subiaco is the largest local government is Western Australia to underground the entire street level power network. Underground power greatly improves the amenity of the area, offers energy savings and provides a brighter future for our community.