City of Subiaco - Footpaths and cycle paths
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Footpaths and cycle paths

nullFootpaths are provided to assist the community and promote the city's sustainable lifestyle, getting us safely from A to B. Our footpaths are assessed on various factors, such as their condition, history of repairs, frequency of use, proximity to pedestrian attractions, existing utlility services in the road reserve, community needs – such as nursing homes, hospitals and schools – and whether the street has single or parallel footpaths.

Our footpath improvement program prioritises footpaths, from the city centre to community facilities – such as hospitals, schools and retirement facilities – to local community centres and cycle paths.

To report footpath damages or for more information on footpaths or proposed footpath improvements, please contact the city.

Footpaths and cycleways

Station Street Crossing works corner of Subiaco Square


Union Street Heytesbury Road to Nicholson Road


Evans Street Kings Street to Fortune Street


Federal Street Hamersley Road to Lawler Street (W)


Forrest Street Railway Road + 29m to Railway Road + 38m