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Heritage database

The city has more than 700 places identified in its heritage database. To find out if a place is heritage listed, search for the address in the database below. A heritage place can have one or more of the following types of heritage listings:

Local Heritage Survey

(Previously referred to as the Local Government Inventory or Municipal Heritage Inventory)
The Heritage Act 2018 requires local governments to prepare and maintain a Local Heritage Survey (LHS). The LHS is an information only resource. Inclusion on the LHS has no implications for the development of a property over and above the requirements that are already in place as part of the City’s Town Planning Scheme.

Heritage List

(Previously referred to as the Town Planning Scheme Register of Places of Cultural Heritage Significance and/or TPS Register)
The Heritage List forms part of the City of Subiaco Town Planning Scheme and identifies properties that are of cultural heritage significance and considered worthy of protection.

Click here to view the City of Subiaco Heritage List (PDF, 274kB)

Heritage  Area

(Previously referred to as Conservation Area)
A Heritage Area is an area that has been assessed as having cultural heritage significance, within which it has been deemed necessary to apply special controls to conserve and enhance the streetscape(s).

Click here to view the City of Subiaco heritage areas list (PDF, 11.5kB)
Click here to view the City of Subiaco heritage areas map (PNG, 485kB)

State Register of Heritage Places (state register)

The state register includes properties that have cultural heritage significance at a state level. Planning approval is required when developing these properties and any development application received is required to be referred to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for comment.

Document TitleStreet NumberStreet NameSuburb
Lake Jualbup Evans Street Shenton Park
48 Evans Street, Shenton Park 48 Evans Street Shenton Park
49 Evans Street, Shenton Park 49 Evans Street Shenton Park
53 Evans Street, Shenton Park 53 Evans Street Shenton Park
55 Evans Street, Shenton Park 55 Evans Street Shenton Park
61 Evans Street, Shenton Park 61 Evans Street Shenton Park
76 Evans Street, Shenton Park 76 Evans Street Shenton Park
86 Evans Street, Shenton Park 86 Evans Street Shenton Park
92 Evans Street, Shenton Park 92 Evans Street Shenton Park
94 Evans Street, Shenton Park 94 Evans Street Shenton Park

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