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Submit a building application online

Building applications can be submitted online through the City of Subiaco website. 

Please note that the city is still accepting the submission of hard copy applications.

For application forms and associated information, refer to the following pages of the City of Subiaco website:

Please refer to the documents listed below for helpful information about submitting an application online.

User guide  online submission of building applications

The user guide contains all of the information you need when compiling your applciation to submit online. It includes:
  • Documents required to be submitted with your application
  • Payment of application fees online
  • The types of planning and building applications that can be submitted online, and the types of applications that cannot be submitted online
  • File types, sizes and naming for documents submitted with your application
  • Step-by-step instructions for submitting your application online.

Frequently asked questions

This document contains frequently asked questions and answers about online planning and building applications.

Terms and conditions

This document contains general terms and conditions for the electronic submission of applications.