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For carers

nullThis page provides information on available resources for carers.

Carers can be family members or friends. They can be parents, children, siblings, grandparents or neighbours. Carers can be any age and come from any background.

Some carers look after another person 24 hours a day and help with all types of care including feeding, personal care, lifting, moving and medications. Other carers may assist with everyday tasks such as shopping, banking and housework. Every situation is different, but you are a still a recognised carer. 

The Australian Government’s Carer Recognition Act 2010 says a carer is someone who provides care and support for someone who:

  • has a disability
  • has a mental health problem
  • has a medical problem
  • is frail aged.

You can find information on the Carer Gateway, a new national service funded by the Australian government. Carer Gateway provides a range of information that can help carers in their role, from practical advice and resources, to assistance finding support services, including:

  • information on the types of care and stages of caring
  • advice on how to look after yourself while caring for someone
  • managing day-to-day care
  • legal and financial support considerations
  • what to do in an emergency or crisis situation
  • help on combining caring with work or study.

In addition, you can find information regarding other support networks and programs on the Carers Australia and the Carers WA websites. Red Cross facilitates a Subiaco carer support group – this is an opportunity for carers to come together to exchange information and ideas. To find out more about Red Cross support group, call 1800 441 014.

Grandparent carers: Many older people are involved in caring for their grandchildren because they choose to, and/or as a way of supporting their own adult children. Others unexpectedly find themselves as the sole or major providers of care. If you are a grandparent who has carer responsibilities for a grandchild, you maybe able to get extra help with payments and support services. For further information, visit the Department of Human Services website.