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Homelessness and begging in Subiaco

During the COVID-19 situation, the City has been advised that support services for people experiencing homelessness are continuing with the appropriate safety measures put in place. For the safety of their staff, volunteers, and clients, organisations that provide support and essential services to people experiencing homelessness have adapted their program delivery to follow the advice of the Department of Health.

The City of Subiaco is committed to addressing homelessness and reducing the risk of homelessness through a coordinated and facilitated approach. The City recognises that homelessness and begging are complex issues that require a whole of community approach.

Homelessness and housing stress are complex social issues that are impacted upon and driven by many factors that are often external to the control and influence of local government. The City is committed to working collaboratively with service providers, WA Police and our neighbouring inner city local governments and more broadly across the Perth metropolitan area to work towards sustainable solutions to this complex social issue.

What can I do?

The below information aims to clarify what actions you can take to assist a person experiencing homelessness, and how to notify the correct authority of any associated matters.

Notify the City

Please note that being ‘homeless’ and asking for assistance is not a crime. Homelessless is complex and often requires the involvement of multiple services and supports. Please read the information below so that the right type of assistance and support can be provided to you and the person experiencing homelessness.   

Please note that criminal behaviour and illegal activity must be reported to Police on 131 444 before contacting the City (see below).


The City works with local service providers that provide outreach services to people experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness in our community. Notifying the City assists us to provide helpful information to these services and also gives the City information on the prevalence of homelessness in the local area, which will help inform future initiatives.

To notify the City, contact the Community Development team at or call 9237 9222. Please include details such as location, number of people, and any health or safety concerns.

Report an issue

Begging advice

Subiaco main streets can be a popular location for people to beg due to high foot traffic and a generous community. It should be noted that not all people begging are homeless, and not all people experiencing homelessness will beg.

The City has been advised by local police and community organisations to encourage the community to instead support charities that provide emergency relief and outreach. This helps to discourage those not seeking money for essential expenses, and better supports the community organisations that provide emergency relief and assistance.

Please consider supporting the following organisations:

  • The Salvation ArmyThe City partnered with Salvation Army to deliver outreach services on a regular basis in the City. Their volunteers do a fabulous job in providing emergency assistance, distributing basic essential items, support, referrals and social contact for some of the most vulnerable people in our community

  • The Big Issue - You can support vendors who sell the Big Issue by purchasing directly from them. There are a couple of great vendors in Subiaco including Dave who you will often see just outside the Post Office on Rokeby Rd near Farmer Jacks.

  • RUAH

  • St Vincent de Paul 


Emergency relief and accomodation

There are a number of services across Perth working to address and end homelessness. Many of these provide services to people within the City of Subiaco.

  • ERConnect – Developed by Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS), ERConnect contains real time search results of emergency relief services, with phone numbers, operating hours, and directions on the services available in your location.

  • AskIzzy - Help find the services you need, now and nearby. It is free and anonymous, and you can search over 360,000 services to find housing, meals, healthcare, counselling, legal advice, and more.

  • Entrypoint Perth 6496 0001 or 1800 124 684 – Entrypoint Perth is a free assessment and referral service assisting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Australia to access accommodation and support options. 

  • Crisis Care, Department of Communities (Child Protection and Family Support) 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008 – Crisis Care is a telephone information and counselling service for people in crisis needing urgent help. Crisis Care can be accessed through the translating and interpreting service on 13 14 50.  

  • Homeless Services in the Inner City brochure - The City of Perth and the Western Australia Department for Child Protection and Family Support have put together a brochure of homelessness services in the Perth area. Hardcopies of the brochure are available from the City of Subiaco library and administration centre, and can be requested from the City of Perth by organisations.

Volunteer, donate and other options

Contact the following organisations:

Relevant Links:

For more information about how the City’s addressing homelessness, contact the City’s Community Development team on 9237 9222 or