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Neighbour Day

nullDo you want to know your neighbours better, but never had the opportunity? Well now you do. Neighbour Day 2018!

What is Neighbour Day?

Neighbour Day occurs annually on the last Sunday of March and aims to foster strong connections and build better relationships within our local community.

Social connection can improve health and wellbeing outcomes as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression, and most importantly feels good.

How do I apply for a Neighbour Day grant?

The city celebrated Neighbour Day 2018 with small grants of up to $100 for residents and local community groups to assist in hosting an event on Sunday 25 March. The event could be anything from a barbecues to morning or afternoon teas, as long as it provides an environment for neighbours to meet and connect with each other.

If you like this idea and would like to be involved next year please check back to this page in early 2019 for information about Neighbour Day Grants 2019.

If you would like more information, please contact the city on 9237 9304 or email

What Neighbour Day events are in my area?

In 2018, the city awarded five Neighbour Day Grants to community members holding events across the City of Subiaco on Sunday 25 March. 

Host help packs

Below is a list of references and information that will assist successful grant recipients in hosting their events. If at any point you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Cultural Services via email or by phone 9237 9304.

Health: Useful information
The following three links are provided to assist you with ensuring a safe and simple event. They look at different considerations in regards to barbecue preparation, food safety, preparation and transport of food, and handing of food when cooking for large numbers of people.

Planning: Useful information
If you are using a City of Subiaco park, check out the parks and reserves page of the website for facility information and more details. Please note that you do not need to make a booking for the funded Neighbour Day events we have taken care of this for you.

The following document looks at all stages of an event and provides you with a check list for planning an accessible event. There will be aspects of the checklist which do not apply to your event. This is provided as a resource of items that you may want to consider.

Invites, signage and all things fun!
Relationships Australia has developed a range of resources specifically for Neighbour Day. Check out the Neighbour Day website for a full list of the resources avaiablie. The following resources have been updated to include both the City of Subiaco and the Neighbour Day branding. If you are using an invite, poster, selfie sign or colouring in template, please use one of the ones below.