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Community gardens

nullFind out about participating in or running a community garden in the City of Subiaco. 

What are community gardens?

Community gardens are outdoor spaces that are planned and managed by the community, or with significant community involvement. They can include food production and native gardens, as well as decorative and therapeutic features. There are countless community gardens in Western Australia, including community food gardens, school kitchen gardens and aged care facilitiy therapeutic gardens.

Growing food in community gardens is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware and interested in healthy eating and sustainable local food production. Community gardens also become places to meet new people and develop friendships.They provide demonstration sites for sustainable living and an informal learning environment. They are also important sites for wellbeing and a connection with the local environment, especially for residents that live in high density residential areas with little or no garden. 

Community gardens in Subiaco 

In 2011, the city supported the creation of a community garden at the Department of Communities - Housing Wandana apartments on Thomas Road, Subiaco. The garden is a social hub for the mostly elderly residents who grow a range of fruit and vegetables. The garden is run by a group of dedicated residents with minimal support from the city. 

Earthwise community garden is located at 315 Bagot Road in Subiaco. This garden is open to the public and includes broader community sustainability activities including an op shop and community lunches. For more information please visit the Earthwise website ( 

Visit the Community Gardens WA website [] for more information and locations.

Community gardening guide 

In March 2012, the city adopted a policy to allow for the creation of community gardens within Subiaco. The city aims to support the establishment of community gardens within the city when appropriate land is available, management systems are in place, and there is support from the local community.

The city has developed a community gardening guide to assist community members through the process of establishing a community garden.

Download the community gardening guide (PDF, 5.4MB).