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Subiaco East Redevelopment Project

The State Government has announced plans to build a new, public-intake secondary school on Kitchener Park and redevelop the surrounding area. The City of Subiaco is working closely with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, the planning authority and lead agency for the project, to achieve the best outcomes for the Subiaco community. Key priorities for the city include maximising the amount of green open space, maintaining significant trees and achieving developments of high-quality design. 

This page will be updated with information about the project as planning progresses. 

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MRA information and public consultation - 6 November 2017

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has published information on its website about the Subi East project including its vision for the area, frequently asked questions, maps and the latest updates about the school and Subiaco Oval. 

Link to the Subi East project page on the MRA website. 

The MRA is currently seeking public comment on its draft Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2 and associated planning policies. Public comment closes on 8 January 2018.       

Project update - 29 September 2017

The latest updates to the Subiaco East Redevelopment Project include the potential for a new leisure centre - subject to funding and negotiations, the city's desire to retain the WAFC at the Subiaco Oval site, and the finalisation of a Memoradum of Understanding between the city and the state. Read more about what’s next for Subiaco oval.

Council position

At a Special Council Meeting on 20 June 2017, the City of Subiaco Council voted in favour of a number of recommendations to progress the redevelopment of the Subiaco Oval Precinct. The resolution is as follows.

That Council:
1. Note that although the State Government has decided to utilise Kitchener Park for a local intake secondary school, this is contrary to the City’s preferred position that this site be retained as an active sporting field. The City, however, supports working with the State Government to further the State’s proposal subject to the resolution of a range of significant issues.
2. Agrees to the development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State Government, to be signed by the relevant parties before formalising the ceding of Kitchener Park from the City’s Management Order, to address these issues including:
a. Management Order in favour of the City over Subiaco Oval;
b. The inclusion of Subiaco Oval as a permanent entry on the State Heritage Register;
c. Revised lease arrangements for the Western Australian Football Commission (WAFC), as a short or long term tenant, including appropriate financial arrangements;
d. Department of Education as co-user of Subiaco Oval;
e. Potential for a possible new co-shared multi use recreation facility with appropriate State government funding;
f. Acknowledgment by the State Government of the significant lack of open space in the inner western suburbs and the negative impact the new school will have on that. Considering the limited plans and information provided to date, Council considers that the amount of greenspace provided for active sports is insufficient and should be increased significantly;
g. Traffic, transport, access and parking arrangements to cater for all existing and proposed uses in the precinct;
h. Maintenance of a mutually agreed, suitable green belt link between Mueller Park and the Subiaco Oval playing space;
i. Construction of any school to allow for repurposing as demand changes;
j. A requirement that the active playing fields space is over and above the Subiaco Oval playing fields, equal to the 1.73ha of Kitchener Park and deliver the functionality contained in the Kitchener Common Master Plan, be incorporated in the overall design.
3. Notes the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) currently operate a Subiaco Land Redevelopment Committee, with City of Subiaco Council representation and that this is likely to be the governing body for all planning and development matters in relation to this project.
4. Request the MRA, as project coordinators for the State Government, to convene a Project Liaison Committee/ working group with key State and Local Government stakeholders to incorporate key elements of the City’s vision for the Subiaco Oval Precinct noting that the city considers key stakeholders to include the Departments of Planning, Sport and Recreation, Education, Lands, Treasury, Housing (noting the upcoming Departmental changes), Town of Cambridge and the WAFC.
5. Appoints the Mayor and CEO as the City representatives on the Project Liaison Committee/working group. 

Kitchener Common Masterplan 

The Kitchener Common Masterplan shows the city's vision for the precinct and was developed following consultation on the North Subiaco Structure Plan and community feedback on different scenarios for Subiaco Oval. The masterplan has been amended to account for the state government's proposal and will be a reference point as the city progresses its partnership with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

Download City of Subiaco Kitchener Common Masterplan (PDF, 928KB)

Download Kitchener Common Masterplan – Indicative Built Form Looking East (PDF, 1.3MB) 

Download Kitchener Common Masterplan – Indicative Built Form Looking West (PDF, 1.3MB) 

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The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority is the lead agency for the Subiaco East Redevelopment Project.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
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