City of Subiaco - Rosalie students get bike education
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Rosalie students get bike education
Monday 13 October 2014

nullA group of year five students at Rosalie Primary School were recent participants in a 'bike ed' class, learning the ins and outs of riding and maintaining a bicycle.

During the course, the children learnt about checking their bike, the correct techniques for mounting and dismounting, pedalling, braking and emergency braking, signalling, one handed riding, scanning, gearing and group riding. The course culminated with a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ to Kings Park on the final day.

Following the training, 38 per cent of participants rode to school more often. Some students increased their number of weekly bike trips, while other students switched from riding to school a few times per year to riding to school monthly or weekly.

Some of the participants described what they enjoyed about the training. One participant said that  ‘I learned how to wear a helmet properly, go up a hill nicely and go around sharp turns.’ Another student mentioned that ‘I learned how to go really fast and then stop without falling off, and I am confident to now go down steep hills.’

The 'bike ed' initiative is aimed to empower students to cycle to school, thus helping to reduce traffic congestion around schools and increasing the exercise levels of students who ride. It is supported by RAC's Community Sponsorships program, in conjunction with the City of Subiaco.