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Make a comment on local government reform
Wednesday 14 May 2014

The Local Government Advisory Board today opened public submissions on four proposals not considered in their original round of community consultation in relation to local government reform.  

Three of the four proposals impact the City of Subiaco, including one proposal submitted by the city to form a new local government by amalgamating the whole of the City of Subiaco with an expanded City of Perth. Another City of Subiaco proposal to slightly increase the City of Subiaco's boundaries has been accepted by the Local Government Advisory Board but will be considered separate to the public submission process. 

Visit the Local Government Advisory Board website to view the current proposals that impact the City of Subiaco and have your say via the public submission process. The six week public consultation period will close at 4pm on Wednesday 26 June.

For more information about local government reform and how it affects the City of Subiaco, visit the local government reform page.