City of Subiaco - Pavilion Markets site decision
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Pavilion Markets site decision
Friday 11 July 2014

The Minister for Planning has announced that council is required to modify Scheme Amendment No. 18 to allow up to sixteen storeys on the Pavilion Markets site.

Mayor Heather Henderson said the City of Subiaco was incredibly disappointed by the decision.

“The Minister for Planning has completely disregarded the community’s wishes in approving sixteen storeys for the Pavilion Markets site. In making this decision, the Minister is changing the face of Subiaco forever.”

CEO Stephen Tindale said the city’s strategic planning and research indicated a height of eight storeys would allow the city to meet density and dwelling targets, while still retaining the character of the area.

“There is more to distinguishing a town centre than population and retail floor space. Planning needs to be about built form too. This type of development is completely at odds with Subiaco’s building typology, which is European in nature.”

The city’s scheme amendment application was the subject of intense consultation over nine months with councillors, senior staff, Department of Planning representatives, and local land owners, business owners and residents, and contained the guidelines and controls to create a contemporary, sustainable and energetic redevelopment of the site.

Download the city’s scheme amendment application.

Once the scheme amendment is finalised, the landowners would need to submit a development application to the city for approval.