City of Subiaco - Revegetation a success
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Revegetation a success
Wednesday 6 August 2014

nullAfter another successful National Tree Day event on Sunday 27 July, the City of Subiaco has become the first local government to revegetate the areas of land under its management on both sides of the railway line.

More than sixty volunteers helped plant more than 3000 native trees and shrubs in the area of vacant land surrounding the Perth to Fremantle rail line adjacent to the Daglish Train station.

The city has hosted National Tree Day plantings along the Railway Road rail reserve since 2005, and so far over 14 000 native plants have been installed in the area.

In areas that have been revegetated, native orchids are starting to reappear and the area has also become an important area for wildlife, facilitating their movement between the city's parks and reserves.

Councils forming the Western Suburbs Regional Organisation of Councils (WESROC) are working collaboratively to revegetate reserves along the railway line. Once completed, the rail reserve will form a continuous green corridor extending from coast to city.