City of Subiaco - Bike education a success
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Bike education a success
Tuesday 26 August 2014

nullCongratulations to fifty-seven year five students from Subiaco Primary School, who have recently completed 'Bike-Ed' classes.

The course covered bike checks, mounting, dismounting, pedalling, braking, emergency braking, one handed riding, signalling, scanning, gearing, and group riding. The students also went on an on-road ride around Subiaco on their final day.

When asked about what they enjoyed most out of the training experience, comments ranged from 'The best thing about it was that the first three weeks were skills and then we got to ride around Subi,' 'The obstacle courses, the games and of course, the riding! I learned so much about safety, helmets and signalling,' and 'Countless. Loved it. I liked generally everything you did with us, from cornering to races.'

The course is designed to have a two-fold effect. Enabling and empowering students to cycle to school with an aim to reducing morning and afternoon traffic congestion, whilst encouraging a more active lifestyle for the students that choose to cycle.

Students at Rosalie Primary will be doing their bike ed classes in August and September.

This initiative is proudly supported by the RAC’s Community Sponsorships program and the City of Subiaco.