City of Subiaco - Subiaco says all or nothing on merger with Perth
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Subiaco says all or nothing on merger with Perth
Wednesday 16 April 2014

The City of Perth’s intention to submit a new proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board does not align with the City of Subiaco’s proposal to merge the whole of the City of Subiaco and an expanded City of Perth.

Perth’s new proposal would take in significant portions of Subiaco, including key infrastructure, but Mayor Heather Henderson said the City of Subiaco must remain whole.

“Whether there is to be an amalgamation or boundary change, it is our strongly held view that the City of Subiaco should stay intact.

“We are a strong, vibrant community with a rich history, and it is the mix of residential and commercial interests that makes Subiaco such an exciting place to be.”

Mayor Henderson explained that Subiaco’s well-considered February 2014 proposal, which would see a new local government formed through an amalgamation of the whole of the City of Subiaco and an expanded City of Perth, was developed with the interests of all ratepayers in mind.

She added: “It is important to note that this proposal would trigger the Dadour poll provisions. It is essential that the community retains the right to determine the future of their local government.”

The City of Perth’s new proposal does not trigger the Dadour poll provisions.

Subiaco’s proposal was one of two; the first being a minor boundary adjustment intended to maintain Subiaco’s independence.

Mayor Henderson expanded: “The City of Subiaco is a successful and financially sustainable local government with the backing of its community. In our current state we are ready to face any twenty-first century challenge that comes our way.”

The Local Government Advisory Board will advertise both cities’ proposals for public comment shortly.

It expected that the Board will make its recommendations to the Minister for Local Government in mid-July and a final announcement will be made in August. Any new local governments will come into effect from 1 July 2015. 

Visit the local government reform page for more information about local government reform and how it affects the City of Subiaco.