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Organisational structure

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and four directors provide leadership for five directorates across the city. 

Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO comprises the Communications and Engagement branch and Economic Development branch, and also provides support to the Chief Executive Officer, Mayor and elected members of council.

Community Development

The Community Development directorate facilitates the development and delivery of a range of services to the community of Subiaco that promote wellbeing. The directorate is made up Community Services, Recreation Services and Cultural Services. 

Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides a range of services that cater to the organisation as well as governance, customer service and management of the city's property investment portfolio. The directorate is made up of Finance Services, People and Organisational Development, and Information Services.

Development Services

The Development Services directorate looks after the city's building and planning requirements and applications, built heritage, the provision of environmental health services, and parking and animal controls. The directorate is made up of Planning Services, Building and Health Services, and Field Services. 

Technical Services

The Technical Services directorate manages and maintains the city’s infrastructure, parks and gardens, major projects, recycling and waste, and general cleaning. The directorate is made up of Transport Planning and Delivery, Project Delivery and Operations and Environment Services.