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Meet your 2017 council nominees

Local government elections will be held on Saturday 21 October 2017. The City of Subiaco council comprises a Mayor and eleven councillors across four wards. In the 2017 elections there are vacancies for the positions of: 

  • Mayor (1)
  • North Ward councillor (1)
  • East Ward councillor (2)
  • Central Ward councillor (1)
  • South Ward councillor (1)

Voting packages will be sent to all registered electors in early October. Your vote can either be posted, or dropped off at the city’s Administration Centre before 6pm on election day.

Meet your nominees

Help inform your vote and get to know each nominee by reading the candidate profiles below. Candidates have been listed in the order they will appear on your ballot papers. 

Mayoral candidates

Andrew McTaggart



p: 0437 707 544

  • Resident in the Subiaco area for twenty years
  • Raised a family in Shenton Park
  • Deputy Mayor, Councillor at Subiaco Council for 8.5 years.
  • Board Member – Subiaco Redevelopment Authority; China Green.
  • Community involvement – Subiaco Scouts, Subiaco Lacrosse Club, Subiaco Rotary Club, Ruah – Chair of Members

My vision for Subiaco

  1. Create a place for everyone, from the older residents who have seen great changes to Subiaco from its working-class heritage to a burgeoning modern inner city
  2. Lead the development of a new inner-city liveability initiatives along Hay Street and Rokeby Road – environmental friendly affordable housing, making transportation more accessible and affordable. 
  3. Diversify our Council investments to create new additional revenue streams.
  4. Maintain our community focus and village atmosphere, valuing the social fabric and connections of sporting clubs, volunteers and the marginalised.
  5. Building a team to ensure sound outcomes for the community.

Mark Burns



p: 0400 004 433
a: 19/27 Hood Street, Subiaco

Mayor of Subiaco is a serious full-time position; it absolutely requires enormous energy, a dedication to hard work and great passion for the Community of Subiaco.

  1. Being elected Mayor is a privilege, not Second Prize after a failed run for State Parliament or simply something to do.
  2. You have “my word”, I will be a full-time Mayor and always available for face-to-face meetings.
  3. Importantly, I understand this Council, have business acumen, I am a confident leader and I never quit “until the work is done”.

Please choose wisely when making your decision.

Thank you, Mark

Penny Taylor


p: 0416 453 370

Subiaco has the chance for a fresh start.

I’m a fresh face for Subiaco council yet have the local government and business experience, the drive and a passionate belief we can build a better Subiaco for our families.

I promise strong decisive leadership and a positive vision for Subiaco’s future.

As Mayor I offer:

Positive, professional engagement with residents, property and business owners;

Strong advocacy for responsible growth that respects our character;

To fight to reduce the ratepayers’ burden through rationalisation, efficiencies and good management;

To revitalise Subiaco and restore our status as one of Perth’s most desirable destinations for fashion, food, entertainment, arts and culture.
I am determined to get better outcomes for Subiaco and its residents and offer a new and better approach to leadership that will enable Subiaco to thrive.
I ask you to elect me Mayor, and invite you to share my positive vision for Subiaco. 

Julie Matheson


p: 0409 294 495
    9381 3429
a: 139 Coghlan Road, Subiaco
e: jcmatheson@bigpond.com

Friends in Subiaco, Shenton Park, Daglish and Jolimont.

It’s time to elect a new Mayor with fresh ideas for Subiaco. I do hope you’ll vote for me.

My late husband and I moved here 15 years ago to restore Ruby Hutchison House (first woman MLC and founder of CHOICE Magazine).

In 2011, I was elected Councillor and have chaired important Council Committees. In recognition of my volunteer community work I received the WA Local Government Merit Award in 2016.

Families living in this area have increased by 48%, and I’m committed to protecting the rights of electors to enjoy their homes or run a business. We have so much to look forward to.

I bring my 30 years of professional experienced in finance and governance, and my vision to showcase an exciting future with fresh ideas for our inner city suburban area.

I would be honoured to be your Mayor.

Lee Hemsley


p: 0435 992 081
e: councillorhemsley@gmail.com 
a: 90 Onslow road, Shenton Park 
w: lee4mayor.wordpress.com

Most "solutions" to Subiaco’s decline involve more of the bureaucratic regulations that keep Subiaco stagnant.

DEREGULATION is the answer, energising businesses and resident by easing off the regulatory brakes. New businesses will attract visitors and MORE businesses, creating interesting streets that attract customers, pedestrians and cyclists. Profitable businesses equals a profitable Council that can support local sport, culture and community infrastructure.
As Mayor I will:

  • Make administration report on how it’s making Subiaco better for YOU. Statistics on business activity, visitor, pedestrian and cyclist numbers, people using the library, Theatre Centre, Lords, sporting clubs, parking facilities, to be collected and used to improve services.
  • Attract new businesses and developments by eliminating car parking requirements. Private car park operations will step in, thereby increasing competition and reducing prices. Retain free Resident parking.

I have the experience and the vision. Now I need your support to lead change. 

Stephanie Stroud



p: 0405 750 398
a: 14 Laurino Terrace, Subiaco
w: subifirst.com

“…Stephanie has always demonstrated strong leadership skills and integrity…” (WALGA Merit Award)

I bring experience and skill to provide stewardship and flair, to the varied and privileged role of Mayor.

My record proves my passion and commitment for visioning Subiaco’s future through planning, community and economic development. My experience with State planning authorities is an asset for strategic negotiations.

Essential to Subiaco’s vibrancy and lifestyle (for all ages), is a diversified economy, residential development, quality green space and recreation. We should follow market trends, attract youth, manage parking, embrace business initiatives and avoid costly tribunals.

Together, we can rebuild Subiaco’s image!

I remain committed to your engagement and council reform. I envisage considerable scope for modernising our council, and improving services, rates and facilities, through IT innovation, and prudent asset and financial management.

Putting Subi First, I welcome your vote to lead change, with independence and integrity. Always!

North Ward councillor candidates

James Alderton



I was born and raised in North of Perth, proudly residing in Subiaco since 2015. I live with my wife of 7 years and son, aged 13 and a half months.
I have 14 years of experience working for multiple Public Sector agencies. Working on major infrastructure projects, corporate occupational health and safety and have coordinated many successful projects.
I am a family man, who is passionate about helping the community to create a thriving future for Subiaco, whilst protecting it’s charm and character. 

Hank De Jong




I am opposed to the “Heritage Area Process” and very concerned the reprieve (for Daglish) from current council heritage area listing is temporary.

Subiaco Council commenced the process to defend against Government sponsored high rise. I support any individual wishing to “Heritage” list their dwelling but the area process should not be applied to circumvent owner’s opposition for properties classified as “Non Significant”. The character of our suburbs is important and can be retained by other means for instance allowing owners character upgrades, increasing their propertry values making purchase for high-rise un-financial.
Having been employed both federal and state governments and private enterprise throughout Australia and overseas (e.g. Saudi and Vietnam) has equipped me with a wealth and diversity of life experiences (e.g. Labourer, Technician, Contract Manager, Engineer) and raised 4 children.

  • Character not Heritage
  • Sensible building practice
  • Sensible parking restrictions
  • Community enrichment

Derek Nash


p: 0402 792 066
    9381 6310

Along with my family, I have lived and worked in the fair city of Subiaco for over 20 years. We call the garden suburb of Daglish our home and believe the time is right to repay the community that has been such an important part of our lives for so long, by nominating for the North Ward candidacy.
With my experience and expertise gained as an architect and as an active participant in many community based organizations over the years, I believe I can make a valuable contribution; bringing common sense, a good ear and constructive ideas to the table.
Subiaco, with its history, locality and enviable amenity, is already a great place, but I truly believe it can be even better with robust injection of vitality, innovation and creativity. We must step into the future, whilst embracing our past. Our wonderful community deserves no less. 

East Ward councillor candidates 

Murray Rowe



p: 0409 493 512
a: 136 Rokeby Road, Subaico
e: murrayrowe14@outlook.com

I am a community pharmacist and have provided those services in Subiaco for many years at Friendlies Pharmacy on Rokeby Rd.
My wife Faye and I have six grown up children and love what Subiaco has to offer and look forward to significant improvement in what Subiaco CAN offer our residential and business community.
Having had the privilege of being Deputy Mayor and elected to key committees, if re-elected, I will use that experience to support:

  • A more vibrant town centre including al-fresco dining, a diverse range of shopping and entertainment amenity, markets, cinemas etc.
  • Relief from parking pressures affecting residential areas.
  • FREE parking in your shopping precincts.
  • A sensible approach to heritage.
  • Retention of the street scape and character of our residential streets that defines Subiaco.
  • Better investment of our assets to lower rates.
  • I am available to address your concerns that may require assistance.

Kind regards


Frank Schiefler



p: 0426 227 824
a: PO Box 81, Subiaco
e: frank@frankschiefler.com

This is the most important election in our City’s history.

With an ever increasing vacancy rate, and the departure of our iconic stadium, Subiaco’s economic and cultural future is on the line.

The input of residents and retailers must be at the heart of plans for our future. I am here to listen and put forward your ideas, and do what it takes to ensure we continue to thrive.

We need a new economic direction for our Town and that means freshening up our elected council.

I am a candidate who listens and has the energy and enthusiasm to represent our ward as we make this pivotal transition.

I will fight to keep rates and taxes down, keep our Council focused on the things that matter.

Respectfully, I ask for your vote.

Matt Davis



p: 0419 044 756
e: matt@kada.com.au

I am 43 years of age, married with two young children who attend Subiaco Primary School.

I have lived and worked (as Director of Klopper & Davis Architects) in Subiaco for 13 years. I believe Subiaco is a wonderful & unique place and strongly believe in the City’s robust sense of community, but have become increasingly concerned that the City is losing its vibrancy, its value as a destination, and that the significant private & public infrastructure in place throughout the City is often not adequately or properly utilised.
I am keen to promote change & progress. I support well considered and resolved residential & commercial development in Subiaco with a view to respectful heritage development & City renewal & revitalisation. I believe components of the City’s planning guidelines and legislation require review to enable this.

I am keen to provide the East Ward fresh representation. 

Elizabeth Williams


p: 0407 485 751
e: willz4@bigpond.com

For 25 years Subiaco has been a special place for my family and I to live, work and play.
East Ward, with its concentrated business area, Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park redevelopment and PMH relocation, identifying executing a balance between commercial businesses and residential communities is now vital for pathways forward. Prosperity and vitality, whilst preserving our valued culture and community spirit, is important for everyone.
It is essential that we have strong representation on Council to retain the amenity of East Ward and at the same time contribute to the revitalisation of the business area, allowing the whole community to thrive. It’s time for innovative and fresh thinking to recreate a modern, vibrant and financially stable destination city village.
I have always taken an interest in my community and with my background in management and leadership as a company Managing Director I have the experience to represent East Ward.

Andrew Devitt


p: 0447 722 996
e: subiacoandrew@devitt.com.au
a: 21 Finlayson Street, Subiaco
f: /andrewdevittsubiaco

Talking to residents and business owners in Subiaco, it is evident that there is significant appetite for change, fresh faces and ideas on our Council.

I’ve lived in the surrounding suburbs for most of my life and while Subiaco continues to change, the broad appeal and potential of the area is unparalleled. There is nowhere I’d rather be raising my young family.

  • I believe in a transparent Council, with Councillors who are highly visible and accessible to all constituents.

  • I believe a thriving community requires an active, diverse demographic and we must ensure the council is representative of the many and varied groups who live and work in Subiaco.

  • I believe Subiaco is on the cusp of real positive change and I am eager to contribute.

I ask for your vote to help refresh the Subiaco Council and help our beautiful city realise its incredible potential.

Central Ward councillor candidates

Jodi Mansfield


p: 0417 014 123
a: 6 Duke Street, Subiaco
e: Jodi.mansfield@gmail.com
f: /jodimansfieldsubiaco

As a mum of two kids, I became President of Subiaco Primary P&C to engage and support the school community. I have worked tirelessly in the role for the last two years, and now I want to channel this same enthusiasm to secure a vibrant future for Subiaco.
I want to represent a council that:

  • Protects what we value about Subiaco and supports entrepreneurial spirit
  • Is receptive to community needs and can adapt to new challenges
  • Builds relationships with businesses and community groups to develop mutual solutions.

As a board member of the Subi Farmer’s Markets, I’ve helped maintain the success of Subiaco’s most regularly attended community event. As P&C President, I have coordinated fundraising efforts to achieve significant infrastructure improvements.

By reducing red tape to create retail diversity and embracing projects like the proposed secondary college, we can bring vibrancy to the neighbourhood we love while generating business prosperity. 

Scott Arbuckle



p: 0411 227 031
    9381 4157
e: scottforsubi@comint.com.au

I have been a Central Ward Councillor for 8 years working hard to represent residents’ interests, including protecting the streetscapes and character of our unique city. We have a great community – cosmopolitan with a village feel – and we need strong, experienced voices to retain and enhance these special characteristics under increasing outside pressures.
I have been acting Mayor, personally represented Subiaco’s interests to Ministers, actively promoted the development of new Town Planning Scheme 5, actively opposed forced amalgamations, influenced Development Assessment Panel processes to put the community’s view first, strongly promoted upgrading drainage in Shenton Park stopping houses being flooded, and supported reducing burdens for Subiaco businesses.
I am a business consultant, married with 3 children at school, have lived and worked in Africa, Europe and America, and travelled extensively. I believe this broad life experience assists me in understanding residents and business issues, and better representing them at Council.

Elizabeth Karol



p: 9381 8743
f: elizabethkarolforsubiaco

As a long-term resident of Subiaco and experienced award-winning architect, engineer, building surveyor and academic I seek election for three reasons:

  1. I am committed to working for the enhancement of Subiaco so it remains a highly desirable place to live, work and recreate; striking a balance for both residents and business needs.
  2. Major re-development will continue to occur in our City. With my wide experience in the construction industry, I have an in-depth understanding of how to assist in resolving issues that arise without compromising Subiaco’s charm and heritage.
  3. Having obtained a doctorate on sustainable accommodation for older Australians, I am keen to support Council in addressing sustainability of social, built and natural environments. Insightful decisions are critical in areas such as integration of transport systems, support of community, careful management of public places, and informed decisions about the build environment. 

Monia Allegre


e: monia.allegre@gmail.com
w: moniaallegre.wixsite.com/Subiaco
f: /monia4subi

Passion. Commitment. Action.

As a councillor, I will consult with the community and improve Subiaco’s lifestyle through practical actions. From living in Paris and Amsterdam, I see opportunity and immense potential for Subiaco as a cosmopolitan village. The new school and residential development (oval precinct) represents growth and a positive beginning.
I will commit to a future that embraces change while respecting and protecting our considerable heritage. My priorities include: developing pedestrian and bike-friendly, family neighbourhoods; ensuring local businesses and services thrive; promoting affordability and accountability; and enhancing our cultural assets.
I led the Daglish station safe pedestrian crossing campaign. This long running, successful campaign provided an invaluable experience with Subiaco council, and inspired my commitment to achive more as a councillor.
I am an accomplished sculptor, and casually teach (UWA Design school).

My key strength is my ability to combine vision and imagination with grassroots activism and communication. 

South Ward councillor candidates

David McMullen


p: 0412 275 154
e: david.robert.mcmullen@gmail.com

After 4 years busily renovating with my wife, Shenton Park is home. This motivates me to look after local interests in South Ward, and Subiaco as a whole.

In South Ward we have a real neighbourhood feel, blossoming shopping hub and local assets that warrant first class Council representation.

Elsewhere in Subiaco, I want to help restore and cement Subi as a great place to go out, for locals and visitors alike. This will require a community prepared to generate ideas, and a Council able to function effectively as a team.

I am a property and commercial lawyer with a working knowledge of local governments, and I fully understand a Councillor’s responsibility. I also sit on the board of a not-for-profit in Perth’s northern suburbs; and now I want to make a contribution closer to home.

I have the energy, enthusiasm and expertise.  I just need your vote. 

Simon Page-Sharp



p: 0421 980 928
a: PO Box 7147, Shenton Park  

I have lived in Onslow road for over twenty years.
I am standing for councillor as would like to see Rosalie park developed in keeping with the needs of its users and the environment.
My children went to Rosalie primary and Shenton college.
I have been involved with the Subiaco Soccer club for many years, I know that the facilities are not in keeping with the rest of the Perth metropolitan area football clubs which lets down the community at large.

I am concerned that the parking issue will not take into account under utilized resources that remain vacant at peak times.
I have run several businesses in Subiaco.

Dog lover.

I believe We need to govern for the majority, who are the rate payers.

I support Andrew McTaggart for Mayor as he is independent and representative of the community.

Rosemarie De Vries


p: 0410 881 180 

I’m a senior high school teacher with international teaching and business experience. I understand how to build the consensus needed to get things done in local government.

I appreciate Subiaco’s diverse attractions, but recognise there’s always scope to improve. I will ensure that I listen to your concerns and share you ideas.

To serve you most effectively, a councillor has to work in a team, be persuasive and exercise sound judgement; these are my strengths.

I will value your vote and work diligently for you, the South Ward and the City.