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Child of the Stolen Generation

web-image.jpgSubiaco Library and Urban Indigenous present a special event this NAIDOC Week.

Speaking on behalf of tens of thousands of Aboriginal children, Sheila Humphries has the courage to share her experience as a child of the Stolen Generation.  Sheila’s personal account captures the heartache experienced, the real challenges met and the true history that is the Stolen Generation.  These stories reveal individual triumph over tragedy, lessons of forgiveness, ongoing commitments to reconciliation, and positive change for Aboriginal families and Aboriginal Australia.

This event is part of the city's NAIDOC celebrations and Kaya Subiaco. Refreshments and a light supper will be provided. Reserve your free ticket online.

Sheila Humphries is a mother of eight, Grandmother of thirty-two, and great-grandmother of twenty-two. She is a cultural educator who spends her twilight years sharing her personal journey with children and community members in Perth & beyond. Sheila is also a beautiful artist who you will find in the Guinness Book of Records for The largest piece of Aboriginal Artwork ever created

Event details
Event location: Subiaco Library
Address: 237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Event date: Monday 3 July 2017
Event time: 6pm to 7.30pm
Event category: Arts and culture
Suitable for: