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nullThe City of Subiaco is the custodian of an extensive range of community assets that it provides to facilitate the delivery of its services in the community. Roads are a significant component of the city’s asset portfolio.

Subiaco is currently undertaking numerous projects for road rehabilitation and road resurfacing to improve the safety and long term performance of the road pavements.

The development of the five year road rehabilitation/road resurfacing programme is prioritised based on funding strategy and the strategic investment that enables the city to maximise the long term performance of the road network under a range of funding options and treatment strategies.

The city applies for federal and state grants and other funding options in order to achieve a balance between external funding and the Municipal resources.

The majority of funding for the city's local and district distributors road network are sourced through the State Metropolitan Regional Road Group, Roads to Recovery and the National and State Black Spot program. 

Scheduled road works




Keightley Road
Hensman Road to Henry Street


Commence end June 2017

Bagot Road
Intersection of Bagot Road and Townshend Road

Installation of speed cushions at existing roundabout

Scheduled for June 2017

Barker Road
Intersection of Barker Road and Rokeby Road

Minor rectification works to the intersection, lane closures will be managed by accredited traffic controllers

Commence mid June 2017


Council has approved the closure of Price Street between Atkinson Road and Mouritzen Way to allow the construction of an approved development at Lot 206 Price Street. The road closure will be for the period of time that is required to establish the basement to be constructed and in operation. For enquiries about the road closure please contact the city on 9237 9222.

Please note scheduled dates may change due to unfavourable weather conditions and unforseen circumstances. Should works be postponed, new dates will be advertised on the electronic signage located at the proposed work site.

No Scheduled laneways works


National Black spot program

Location Scope
Subiaco Road Modify intersection entry into Thomas Street
Bagot Road Bagot Road / Townshend Road installation of pre deflection at the roundabout entries and some anti skid resistance to assist braking
Derby Road Derby Road / Aberdare Road - median island to sign and reinforce the stop line.

Use the city's mapping website to view the road works program for the next five years.