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Heritage news

This page contains news about heritage projects and the adoption of new heritage places and areas within the City of Subiaco.

Heritage grants fund

If you are the owner of a property listed on the Town Planning Scheme Heritage List or a contributory place located within a heritage area you may be eligible to apply for funding through the City of Subiaco heritage grants fund.

The heritage grants fund provides funding for conservation works which are in the public view and enhance and reveal the heritage significance of the property and/or urgent conservation workds required in order to stabilise a building. Generally eligible projects are entitled to 50% of the total cost of the works up to a maximum of $5,000 however this may vary depending on the competitiveness of the grant round.

Applications close Friday 7 April at 5pm.

For further information please contact the city's Heritage Officer on 9237 9222 or email sofiab@subiaco.wa.gov.au


Heritage Areas

Update on proposed Daglish Heritage Areas

The city would like to thank all those that that took the time to make a submission on the proposed Heritage Areas in Daglish. Consultation closed in November and it is intended that reports regarding the two proposed heritage areas will be presented to Council at its meeting in February 2017.

For those interested the submissions are summarised as follows:

1. Proposed Daglish First Land Release Heritage Area

  • No. of submissions received: 75
  • No. of submissions for the proposal: 27
  • No. of submissions against the proposal: 47
  • No. of submissions undecided on the proposal: 1
2. Proposed Daglish Workers’ Homes Board.
  • No. of submissions received: 17
  • No. of submissions for the proposal: 8
  • No. of submissions against the proposal: 9

Although the numbers for and against the proposals are important the content of the submissions is just as important and Council will provided with full copies of the submissions to read and consider.
All property owners and submitters will be informed in writing of the Council meeting date closer to the time.

Other Heritage area assessments

Heritage assessments of Yilgarn Street in Shenton Park, the West Subiaco Workers' Homes Board Subdivision, and Kings Road in Subiaco have been completed.

It is intended that reports be presented to Council early 2017 requesting permission to formally advertise the proposal to declare them as Heritage Areas under the city's Town Planning Scheme. Following the consultation period should Council resolve to declare the areas as Heritage Areas then management of places within the areas, and of new development, would be achieved by application of the city's Planning Policy 3.6 Development Guidelines for Residential Conservation Areas.

Community Heritage Surveys

The city is conducting a series of community heritage surveys, with the aim of identifying and protecting buildings and streetscapes of heritage value. This is a collaborative project between the city and the community.

Newly Listed Places

Recent additions to the city's Town Planning Scheme Heritage List include:

No 3 Electrical Substation (former), 159 Keightley Road, Shenton Park

This place was originally one of three electricity sub stations constructed by the Municipality of Subiaco in the 1920s. Number One Substation is located in Hay Street and is still in operation.  Its heritage values are recognised state wide by its inclusion on the State Register of Heritage Places.  The Subiaco Museum is housed in the former Number Two Substation and it has been identified as a rare example of a purpose built substation with an attached office, work rooms and store room. 
No 3 Electrical Substation at 159 Keightley Road, Shenton Park has been included on the city’s Heritage List and is of cultural heritage significance:

  • As a place that was purpose built in 1923 for the provision of electricity to consumers by a Municipal authority, which was relatively uncommon after the establishment of East Perth Power Station and the centralization of the provision of electricity by the State government from c.1914;
  • As a rare remnant component of the early electricity transmission network in Western Australia, both individually and, more importantly, collectively with the Former No 1 and No 2 Substations;
  • For its association with Walter Reynolds Groom (1870-1952) who, as Subiaco’s electrical engineer, managed the electricity supply service from its establishment in 1903 until his retirement in 1939.  In this position Groom was responsible for the operation of the electricity supply and the development of related services,       such as street lighting.
  • For its association with the compulsory acquisition of Subiaco’s electricity supply services by the State Electricity Commission in 1951, and the subsequent provision of £120,000 compensation money, plus interest, in 1953 – which contributed directly to the building of a new civic centre.


St Mathews Anglican Church, 114 Onslow Road, Shenton Park

Constructed in 1932 in the Inter-War Gothic style, this former Methodist church is of considerable historical, social and aesthetic significance within the City of Subiaco. It is of cultural heritage significance:

  • As the only example of a former Methodist church remaining in the City of Subiaco (which over time saw the construction of seven Methodist churches on various sites in Subiaco, Shenton Park and Jolimont).
  • As an example of the ecclesiastical work of Powell, Cameron and Chisholm, architects, during the inter-war era;
  • As physical evidence of the consolidation of Shenton Park as an established suburb in the Inter-war period;
  • For the historical and social values related to its former use as part of the Subiaco Circuit of the Methodist (and later Uniting) Church;
  • For the historical and social values related to its role as part of the ongoing presence of the Anglican Church in the City of Subiaco.
  • For its social significance for former and current members of the congregations and for those who have celebrated important life events at this church.
  • For its landmark value in Shenton Park.